How To Draw A Jacket (Step-By-Step Guide)

In this post, I will show you how to draw a jacket, I’ve included a video tutorial as well as written instructions so you can learn from scratch. 

How To Draw A Jacket

How To Draw A Jacket


Step 1 Gather the materials needed like pencils, eraser, paper, and a ruler. Its best to start this project with high quality materials, so choose materials that are easy to work with and that are dependable.
Step 2 Begin by lightly sketching the outline of the jacket, making sure to take time to observe the jacket closely and accurately sketch it. If a ruler is used it should be used sparingly, because the finished jacket should look natural.
Step 3 With the outline of the jacket still visible in the sketch, begin to add the details of the front, such as the pocket, zipper, buttons, and other details. Its important to keep in mind the natural lines and shadows that are created by the curves of fabric, as this will help make the jacket look realistic.
Step 4 Start to add the details to the collar and lapels of the jacket. If necessary, lightly draw a guideline for accuracy.
Step 5 Sketch out the fur trim on the jacket with great attention to detail.
Step 6 Add highlights and shadows to the jacket by filling in darker or lighter areas with pencil. Its important to pay close attention to the natural shadows of fabric and fur, as these areas will help make the jacket look realistic.
Step 7 Lightly shade the entire jacket with pencil. This should be done lightly, as shading the jacket too heavily will erase the details of the jacket.
Step 8 Add details to the back of the jacket. This can include any details like a belt, pockets, or buttons.
Step 9 Add the arm and sleeve creases of the jacket lightly with pencil.
Step 10 Begin adding details of the fabric and fur of the jacket by lightly shading in areas.
Step 11 Outline the remaining details of the jacket such as any stitching, buttons, and small logos.
Step 12 Darken the outlines of the jacket slightly with the pencil and shade in certain sections for highlights, shadows, and texture of the fabric.
Step 13 Add a wood grain texture to the buttons and stitching with pencil.
Step 14 Lightly add shadows around the arms, lapels, and sleeve of the jacket.
Step 15 Start to draw the fur trim around the collar and lapels of the jacket. This should be done lightly and carefully, as the fur trim is often the most interesting details of a jacket.Step 16 Erase any pencil lines that shouldnt be included in the final drawing.
Step 17 Add final details to the jacket such as labeling, stitching, and zippers.
Step 18 Carefully refine the jacket to make sure all of the details are exact.
Step 19Sharpen the lines of the jacket slightly with pencil and add more shadows and highlights to create depth.
Step 20 Go over the jacket with a pen to give it a crisp, finished look, Once you have completed this process your jacket drawing should be complete.


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